6 Tips to Avoid Car Accidents In the Rain

6 Tips to Avoid Car Accidents In the Rain

Jodat Law Group helps you avoid car accidents on wet roads.

Reduce Driving Speed

Make sure you aren’t speeding or going to fast while the road is wet. This is one of the most common ways accidents occur. According to Esurance, a car traveling at 60 mph in the rain takes more than six seconds and a staggering 333 feet to come to a complete stop.

Check Your Tire Treads and Pressure

Maintaining quality tires on your vehicle is another way to prevent common accidents. Tires with low treads will not perform very well in the rain, or on wet roads. It can take cars with old or bald tires almost twice as long to stop. It’s also important to check on the tire pressure monthly.

Do Not Use Cruise Control

When the road is dry, cruise control is a great technology. During a heavy rain, however, cruise can exacerbate dangerous events such as a hydroplane, where your car is driving through standing water. In a hydroplane situation, the driver is advised not to hit the gas or brake pedals. When cruise is on, it’s like the driver is steadily holding down the gas pedal. This can easily cause a hydroplane on wet roads.

Avoid Breaks During Skid or Hydroplane

If your car skids in the rain, it’s important that you know how to correct it. Above all, you must stay calm. Ease your foot slowly off the gas and avoid harsh braking, especially if your car doesn’t have anti-lock brakes. Continue to steer in your intended direction until you rectify the skid.

Drive in the tracks of the vehicle ahead

When cars in front of you create track marks in the water, aligning your wheels and driving in those tracks will reduce the amount of water between the tires and the road. The practice also reducing hydroplaning or losing control of the vehicle.

Turn Off High-Beams

When it’s hard to see in stormy conditions, it can be tempting to turn on the high-beam headlights. Unfortunately, this creates a reflection off of the wet road and reducing your visibility further. It’s much safer to use the low-beams when driving in the rain.

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