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Choosing a Florida Nursing Home for Elders with Dementia

Elder Care

Florida Nursing Home Americans are living longer and healthier lives than at any time before. Many older people only need a little help with certain daily activities around their homes. Others, however, need more extensive, ongoing care; the kind of care that is only found in a residential facility such as a Florida nursing home….

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Nursing Home Neglect: When Patients Go Missing

Florida Nursing Home Attorney Elderly people with dementia who wander away from nursing homes are at serious risk. The dangers include being injured in traffic, a trip and fall with injuries, or the elderly person becoming a victim of crime. Other consequences include illness or injury from exposure to the elements, dehydration, becoming lost, or…

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Dementia Makes Elders More Susceptible to Abuse

Dementia is a growing concern among the U.S. population of aging Boomers. The Alzheimer’s Association reports that one in every 3 seniors dies with some form of dementia. Dementia can be a mild or a major cognitive disorder. The facts reveal that seniors who suffer from major dementia are at higher risk for elder abuse.¬†Florida…

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