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We understand that going through a divorce is often an extremely difficult time in a person’s life. There are so many possible ramifications, both emotional and financial. Issues such as whether one spouse will be found to owe the other spouse alimony, what will happen with the children, how much child support will be expected, and how the property and debts will be divided may make the process seem overwhelming. And that is before wondering what the tax consequences may be and how it may affect any retirement plans you have made.

Once you are served with initial documents in a Family Law case, or if you initiate a proceeding, you have become involved in a lawsuit.  If you are served with documents it should not be taken lightly as there is a twenty day timeframe to file an answer with consequences associated with your failure to respond.  Just as the spouse who files the initial petition may ask for financial support, majority child custody, occupancy of the marital home, attorney fees, etc., you also have the right to request an equal division of assets, majority timesharing of the children, attorney fees, etc. Further, both parties to a divorce are expected to file financial affidavits with the court outlining their current fiscal situation.

Dear Gary Jodat, After 45 yrs being married to an attorney I never expected to be divorced. I met him when I was 19 & just turned 65. I grew complacent, thinking his OCD ways, attention to all financial details & nitpicking would go on forever. I was raised to honor committment. When I found myself paralyzed by the thought of managing my own “portfolio”, well, I just about gave up. I actually did until I met Melissa C, Jennie & Jane at your Venice, Fl office.

Melissa is my own daughter’s age. Imagine my surprise when I learned she “was there for me, to be MY advocate”. And NOT break my bank. Within the time of that first free consultation, I knew I had her excellent professional & legal drive at my disposal. I folded many times during these past 5 months. Everytime I called, Jane was patient. She listened to my “dilemmas” frought with emotion and calmly transferred me to Jennie. Jennie also listened, making salient comments to assure me, always letting me know she’d be discussing my latest legal crisis with Melissa. I felt the Venice office were my trustworthy confidants. Melissa was clear & concise, patiently explaining every question I asked & even remembering details I had mentioned quickly & had actually forgotten.

This team of women you have in Venice are wonderful, professional and caring. Not to mention, they have a great sense of humor. And patience with this New York retired Coronary Care registered professional nurse. Assured by Melissa I was being fairly treated financially, I was able to calmly listen to her advice and make clear and unemotional decisions I am at peace with. I remember something Melissa said to me at our first meeting when I said to her “you’re so young, how can I trust you?” She answered confidently, “If I say anything you question, please let me know and we’ll discuss your concerns.” THAT did it: invocked my trust in her, your Venice office & ultimately your good judgement to have such a great “kid” on your team! From the bottom of my heart, I thank The Jodat Law Firm Venice Office. Plus, these girls love cats like I do!

-Catherine Anne Mayak

When couples can agree on the major areas—division of property; parental responsibility, timesharing and support of children; whether there will be spousal support and if so, in what form; and the apportionment of debt—a divorce can be finalized quickly. When couples cannot agree, there are options available other than a court battle to attempt to resolve the differences. Mediation can be a very effective way to save each party time, money, and the emotional toll as a result of lengthy litigation. Sometimes litigation, where each party presents evidence and a judge decides the outcome, is the only viable option.


A divorce can be a devastating experience for anyone. It can be made even worse if a party to the action feels as if the end result is unfair. Judges are not allowed to give legal advice and if the other side has an attorney that attorney is representing only their interests, not yours. You need to have your own advocate looking out for your interests. There are many reasons to hire a family law attorney and many benefits to doing so early in the proceeding.  When going through a divorce, paternity action, establishing or modifying child support, or any other family law issue, an attorney can best help to navigate the legal motions, pleadings, and hearings to get the ultimate desired outcome.  In addition, with an attorney who is familiar with the fine points of family law it is much easier to streamline the court process and reach the end result much more quickly.

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The stakes are high with Family Law cases as you are dealing with your spouse, your children, your assets, your family.  Our firm is prepared to represent you in this matter. Jodat Law Group is here for your family law, divorce, child custody, child support, and/or alimony case. Please call (877-563-2852) and make an appointment for a free initial consultation where you will meet with a Sarasota Family Lawyer who will evaluate your case and explain the options available to you, along with the estimated costs.

NOTE: The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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