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Why you need a car accident lawyer after a Florida car accident

At Jodat Law Group, we understand how an accident such as a car crash can have a large impact on the lives of the victims involved and their families. Our car accident lawyer has seen the damaging effects that must be overcome, and understands what it takes to seek out and retain a satisfactory settlement to cover the cost of your injuries, pain & suffering.

In a high-stress situation like a car accident or worse, you don’t want to give the insurance company (even yours) the upper hand and let them dictate what their involvement is. Insurance companies do not want to pay for a penny of your medical costs, and start investigating the accident to catch anything that can be used against you as evidence. That’s RIGHT, your insurance company is working to lower the amount paid out to you.

Don’t let the take you for a ride, contact a car accident lawyer at Jodat Law Group! Let the professional, experienced, and knowledgeable lawyer sift through all the intricacies such as additional damages, pain and suffering, and severe injury/death.

Most car accidents rely on the concept of negligence, or the party’s failure to exercise a certain level of caution while operating a vehicle or using common roads. The attorney, and your insurance company, will conduct a preliminary investigation to identify whether you were, in fact, not responsible for the accident.

Jodat Law Group – Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a crash and need a car accident lawyer, contact the professionals at Jodat Law Group, PA as soon as possible to get your case evaluated for FREE! That’s right, get a complimentary first-visit consultation by scheduling your appointment today! Who’s that? Jodat!

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