You were injured from a dog bite. Now what?

Case of a Dog Bite Injury

Dog Bite injuries are a bigger deal than most people would think. Hundreds of times a year, dog bites affect the citizens of Florida. Over $7 million a year is spent by insurance companies compensating victims of dog bites and bite negligence, from hospital visits to surgeries and antibiotics, it can cost you a lot of money.

Florida law saws that dog owners can face penalties such as fines, and as much as criminal charges if others are injured. In order to get compensation for your dog bite injuries, please contact our personal injury lawyers at Jodat Law Group, P.A.

Dog Bite Negligence Case in Florida

If you are bitten by a dog and the owner did not take obvious, reasonable steps to avoid the attack, then you have a negligence case. In order to win a negligence case involving a dog bite and a negligent dog owner, there must be proof of that the owner knew of the danger surrounding the dog and other people.

If the owner of the dog knows that it may attack people, then that owner has a duty to take the necessary precautions to avoid an attack. This must be proven in order to bring forth a negligence case. If the owner failed to act on implementing the necessary precautions to avoid a dog bite/attack, then that’s a breach of duty. Injuries must be present, and proof that they caused damages as a result.

In a dog bite negligence claim, the victim should be compensated for medical expenses as well as other injuries suffered during the attack. Pain and Suffering, Emotional Distress, and Physical Injuries will all play a part in the settlement range.

If you can’t prove without a doubt that the owner was negligent, you can file a claim of ‘negligence per se.’ This means there is no need to prove that the dog owner breached the precautions set forth to protect people from a dog bite. If the owner failed to follow proper laws and protocol regarding to keeping the public safe from his/her pet, then negligence per se can be cited.

Florida Dog Bite Liability

In Florida, you don’t have to prove a lot to bring a suit against the dog owner. The owners are liable for dog bites resulting in injuries in a public place, or non-private property. You don’t have to prove that the owner knew about the potential for a dog bite injury. There are also some drawbacks to the lenient liability law in Florida.

A victim may only be compensated for their actual dog bite in a liability case. There is no recovery for pain and suffering, or resulting injuries that stem indirectly from the dog bite.

Strict Liability Damages

There are several ways and scenarios in which a dog owner can avoid strict liability damages. You may not file a lawsuit over dog bites after 4 years due to the statute of limitations.

Florida Dog Bite Negligence Attorneys – Jodat Law Group

Have you been bitted by a dog, or injured by a pet due to negligence by the owner? Jodat Law Group, Your personal injury and negligence attorneys in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Clearwater, and Tampa. Contact us today for your free, one-on-one, no-obligation consultation to determine if you have case. You will meet face-to-face with the attorney that will representing your case. Visit or call us now to schedule your complimentary consultation. Who’s That? Jodat!

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