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Discriminatory or unfair labor practices against employees can occur in numerous ways including unpaid wages or overtime, denial of leave, failure to hire, denial of equal pay for equal work, on the job harassment, wrongful termination, inappropriate jokes or contact and employer retaliation. Our Sarasota labor and employment attorneys are dedicated to handling cases involving discrimination and unfair labor practices against employees.

If you believe you have a potential labor or employment case, please contact us right away. Our Sarasota labor and employment attorneys have extensive experience representing a wide variety of disputes and our dedicated to seeking compensation for our clients.

What Does Labor and Employment Law Include?

  • Harassment (e.g., Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment)
  • Unfair Labor Practices (e.g., Denial of Wages, Overtime and Equal Pay)
  • Discrimination (e.g., Sex, Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Age and Disability)
  • Denial of Leave (e.g., Family Medical Leave Act, Uniformed Services Deployment and Reemployment R Act)
  • Unpaid Wages (e.g., Paying Less Than Minimum Wage, Not Paying For “Off The Clock” Required Work)

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*Do not wait! There are statutes of limitations and/or notice requirements that must be filed or the claim will be forever barred.

Jodat Law Group, PA has primary practice areas where our attorneys handle All Auto &  Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury Cases, Family Law & Divorce and Bankruptcy & Creditor Harassment. For Employment Law, we have established relationships with other law firms that will represent you in these matters.

Rita was an incredible help to me with an employment issue I had with my company. Because of her free consultation and follow up phone call I was able to successfully file a complaint with HR. The dispute was subsequently resolved thanks to her guidance and genuine concern.

-Gloria Lipscomb
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