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Tropical Storm or Hurricane Property Damage Claim

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Property Damage Claim Dispute

When your claim is denied or you are being offered a sum of money that does not come close to the value you submitted, it is a business decision by your insurance carrier. They are in the business to make money. While you suffer without compensation for property that has been destroyed or have no where to go because they will not pay living expenses the insurance corporation is rolling the dice in the hopes that you will accept a low offer or drop the claim. The Insurance Company that you chose because of their compassionate and understanding portrayal in advertising merely sees you as a number and the claim decision is made by deciding what is in their best financial interest not yours. Living in Florida requires us to mindful of damaging storms. We purchase  insurance or have a mortgage that requires insurance coverage because it’s the responsible thing to do. Unfortunately, that is not what the insurance company will do…

Insurance Company Tactics

Here are some tactics insurance companies may use to make getting money for damages difficult:

· Denial that insurance coverage even exists

· Denial of your claim because your claim is excluded or partially excluded under your policy

· Denies any part of your claim

· Unreasonably delays the processing, adjustment, or payment of your claim

· Makes misleading or false statements to you

· Refuses to pay you under one coverage or attempts to force you to settle under other policy coverage

· Tries to lowball you with undervalued estimates, offer or payments

· Tells you that you do not need a lawyer to resolve the claim

· Requires a written release of any supplemental claim as a condition of settlement or payment on your claim

· The check for payment from your insurer or the letter that accompanies it uses terms like “full” or “final” when you reasonably believe that you have a supplemental or additional claim for that loss.


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