Lawsuit claims Wells Fargo auto insurance charges were a fraud

Car Accidents

Lawsuit says Wells Fargo auto insurance charges were fraudulent A new lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Co. accuses the third largest U.S. bank of fraud and racketeering violations after admitting to charging several hundred thousand borrowers for auto insurance without notice or permission, causing many accounts to go delinquent. This class action lawsuit, filed on…

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Beware of Sarasota Phone Scam, Officials Warn


Beware of a Sarasota phone scam making the rounds, city officials warn A Sarasota phone scam has been catching people off guard, according to Sarasota officials. Another scam to look out for is making the rounds in Sarasota. The Sarasota Co. Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens to be cautious of phone calls coming from people claiming to…

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